A photo wrap up of 2011

Click on the photo to be taken to the article. Bunny P


P1010355 (533x800)P1010346 (533x800)P1010348 (533x800)P1010363 (533x800)P1010359 (533x800)P1010339P1010297 (257x800)P1010309 (533x800)P1010310 (533x800)P1010379P1010319P1010334P1010383P1010344 (800x533)P1010329P1010435


P1010387P1010389P1010391P1010415 (779x800)P1010422 (778x800)P1010403P1010426 (800x449)P1010429 (775x800)P1010431P1010433P1010432P1010395P1010402P1010397P1010400


Special mention – Art work

P1010296 (709x800)P1010305 (800x444)P1010388P1010424 (472x800)P1010425 (566x800)Punk Glove (634x640)

and finally our highlight of 2011

Our beautiful chair!


  1. I’m inspired and love the way you have re-capped 2011 in photos. The sleeveless summer top is adorable – I know you looked killer in it. The little purses are so distinctive and the dolls – too cute. I admire and applaud your goals and hope your vision becomes the wave of the future. Good news is you’ll be ahead of the lot. I recently visited Seattle, Washington and found myself adopting some of their fashion forwardness in my own dress. The reception at home has been, for the most part, favorable. I think your designs fit that youthful, quirky, energetic, idealistic ethic. Thank you for sharing.

    and thanks for stopping by to read Confessions… and taking to time to click like -nh


    1. Thank you for your message. I love they way the sleeveless top turned out and with the wool content it is warm and cool at the same time. lol. Thanks so much for your feedback on my design style – that’s exactly what I was going for! That so cool. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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