A freecycle project underway – Bedroom Sanctuary

Hi, so I’ve been a little quiet for the past few days. my long holiday is almost at an end and I have been very very busy trying to get everything done. All the decluttering and organising is very time consuming as well as making crafty things but most enjoyable!

Today, I wanted to first share my favourite eco magazine and one of the projects that I really really had to try…….. by that – I mean my husband is charged with most of the work Smile, I help where I can.

The below image is from the Sep/Oct 2011 issue of the ‘GOOD Magazine’. It is a New Zealand based magazine all about making good informed choices for a better life and can be located here.. http://good.net.nz/


This article is about transforming the bedroom and other areas of your home into a calming comforting designer pad by making eco choices and using what is available. I just fell in love with the main picture when I saw it (above) and thought I want that look!!!

We basically have all the bits and pieces already, including a few Antique mirrors like the above acquired for free over the years – usually by people wanting to upgrade or revamp their interiors and thrift shop treasures. The only thing we were missing was the Fireplace/headboard….

Luckily, my Husband works in the building industry and obtained an old circa 40’s/50’s solid Kauri Fireplace also for free from a Reno job throw out pile (it’s identical to the one in the picture – you can imagine my excitement!)….. It had some bora and several coats of nasty lead paint. He fixed the Bora by removing the infected wood and starting stripping the paint………… This is where we are at.

The idea would be to strip it back to bare wood and put a nice stain and either oil it or varnish it. We prefer the warm wood look rather than white paint, and we have a Rimu ‘Design Mobel’ – prototype bed that would look amazing with it. The bed is one of a kind that later went into production, but they ended up making it out of Beech only– Sometimes it helps to know the right people.

We don’t have the Iron fireplace interior so I am hoping to talk my husband into building some little shelves, or something in that gap to make it look less like a fire place and more like a designer furniture piece.

SO very chic and I have my fingers crossed that it will turn out well. Here are the pictures of the process so far.


I helped with the paint stripper part of the process – flicking it all around the place, on my skin and I found out it burned a little…………

After a few hours we are now here – great progress!! Quite a bit of work to go. I imagine it will take a month or so, of careful sanding and restoration to get the look right….. watch this space!!!!


Beautiful detail of the scroll carving….. No plaster moulding here!


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Our beautiful chair!


    1. Yup, freecycling can get pretty extreme – we are only casual – very tame – freecyclers and only for DIY things if the opportunities arise, my hubby is in the building trade so that’s handy.

      You should search the term freecycle and you will see how extreme they get. Like scary dumpster diving for food scraps to eat – so gross, and river trawling for discarded shopping trolleys to DIY into chairs and other things etc, and it’s not that these people are poor either, they just don’t like waste and want to reduce it by freecycling – I understand that, or they are super cheap…. it’s weird and strange to me…… It’s a sub-genre that is gaining traction rather quickly all around the world…


      1. Ok- I’ve heard of people like that, but didn’t know it had a term! I’ve actually done that quite a few times myself- my sister likes to make fun of me for it! I like to recreate and can usually find a use for anything:)


  1. Wow…a gorgeous piece! Such detail! And it was in the “toss away” pile? Amazing!
    You surely have a good eye for design! I can’t wait to see the final results!


    1. Hi Judy, Thanks for your comments… Yes it was located in the ‘off to the rubbish dump’ pile. I know it’s crazy but I think people like to keep up with modern trends and are not comfortable to show and/or lack their own style and imagination. Sign of the times…. all the better for me though – I love to recycle and I have a strong sense of style albeit a little eclectic and quirky!



  2. really super project- found you thru Polly’s Paper Studio. I am always amazed at what ppl throw away! Looks like you live in a great area for that as well. Stop by my blog and say ‘Hi’ sometime- we have kindred spirits 😀


  3. The mantle is going to be fantastic. Even I’m excited for you! That book looks like it would have some awesome projects and ideas, I love using what a person already has so you don’t have to go out and buy, buy, buy.


  4. I think you should do an upholstered panel in the middle! Then it becomes more headboard less fireplace and it would be comfy for reading in bed and whatnot. Not to mention, super easy. Plywood, foam, fabric, done. Look forward to seeing the finished room!


  5. Freecycle….one of my favorite things. I’ve always wanted a fireplace with a big old mantle, but lack a fireplace. Now I’m seeing mantles alone, I love that picture, have to start watching. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve got soooo many projects to do and so little stamina with which to do it. My health is way better than a couple years ago, but still limits I’m too young for, lol. So if you choose to follow, be patient, please :-). The organizing, as you mentioned somewhere, is the least fun and the most time consuming and it’s where I am, trying to work around clutter. Sewing sets of heat/freeze rice bags in different sizes and shapes for my hurting honey and our daughter. I’ll post when complete.


  6. This is going to be gorgeous! I love shopping at salvage stores because this is what you find…quality, beautiful pieces. Can’t wait to see the end product/look! ~~Bliss


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