Free Fruit and Food Share map for hunter and gatherers in NZ

Big thanks to Google for supporting such a great initiative!!!

If your on the other side of the world, I have tried finding sites similar for other countries, and I am sorry but I keep coming up empty-handed. This post I hope will  inspire you enough to start something similar of your own even if it’s just a food share system with your neighbors.

Google – has an online page that enables the sharing of free food spots in New Zealand. This page lists the approximate locations of Fruit and food trees that are accessible to the public. It’s a community resource for under-utilised food – food that would otherwise fall and rot on the ground.

The map relies solely on input from the people using it and sometimes the pinned locations are a little vague – like the apple tree currently showing in the middle of the Tasman sea, but don’t let that put you off, Majority of the pins I should think are near enough correct. I have checked the ones in my locality and can vouch for them all. Just be sure to check the seasons right for harvest before you set off on your adventure.

This site has been around for a while now so if you haven’t heard of it you have now so get out there and take advantage of it. Go on add to it, gather from it, share it – just get involved.

Click on the image and link/s below to be redirected.

Happy hunting and gathering!

Also have a look at:

More NZ Maps: (Otautahi/Christchurch) (Edible Wellington – A Gatherer’s Guide)


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