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 Trend Hunter – Embroidered Art

Not your ordinary sewing project will do for this post. I wanted to focus the spotlight on the trend in Art known as embroidered Art that has been around for a year or so now with a pace that is steady but strong. I am fascinated with mixed media art and this trend had me hooked from the get go. These works use embroidery to embellish the surface of an object with unconventional results. I hope you love these as much as I do. These are some my favourite pieces.

The below works are beautiful assemblage pieces by the very talented Cecile Perra.



Cecile is a french artist, native of Vosges, Alsace-Lorraine, Fr. I find Cecile’s work is beautiful, complicated, gritty and charming at the same time, with a touch of old world sentiment in their vintage appeal put together with a ‘make do and mend’ philosophy. I read from them a story of treasure, love, loss and abandonment. They look like that creepy little something lurking in the corner of a dusty old attic watching the centuries go by. Something I would covert for a lifetime.

Heng Lee

Heng Lee is a jewellery artist from Taiwan he creates intricate and beautiful pieces using embroidery and metal. He works by taking the image and enlarging it into a pixellated form this becomes the foundation of the piece from which he then renders them with delicate embroidery. Heng-Lee-1Heng-Lee-Floral-Embroidery-Pixel-4-3Heng-Lee-Floral-Embroidery-Pixel-4-7

Jose Romussi

Jose Romussi is an artist from Chile living and working in Berlin. The work of Romussi is unmistakably contemporary with a hint of indy alternative themes. Thread is used to embellish and enhance each picture to extend or distort the reading.


Maurizio Anzeri

Maurizio Anzeri is an italian artist living and working in London. He describes his work as eerie portraits or photo-sculptures. I agree, they are eerie. There is something about adding layers to an object with the sole purpose to obscure the original context, it creates a totally different reading that is somewhat unsettling and at the same time fuels a morbid curiosity in the reader. These works are dramatic examples.

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Maria Aparicio

Maria Aparicio also works with photographs and embroidery but her theme seems to be connection and geometry plays a huge part in her work to achieve this reading 2f6cf0bfeee0b9606bfbffb1c52b6259

Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene

A Lithuanian artist who uses very unconventional materials to carry her embroidery. This artist is one of my current favourites. 3da819c297af2c3490a956dec37b1a48c13b5af20aa3ffb83484600340167b5a c33d04a9adb95ebebbb7f51b65a7d940 b88a4df812389e020b368c72b724d422


Last but not least, these seemingly functional objects have also undergone an embroidery transformation. I found these art pieces on Pinterest and I am not sure who the talented creatives behind the works are… but each piece deserves praise and admiration. If you know whose amazing nimble fingers worked away to develop these pieces drop me a comment and I will insert a credit for them. I love the toast with the embroidered mold spores. ebb88d3173380b27e80f697bf225b872 toast-3-600x402



Let me know what you think?

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