First Chore of 2012 and highlight of 2011

First chore of the year 2012 was to declutter and make some sense of my sewing room…..

P1010442 P1010443

Mission accomplished. I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and  acquired a 5×5 cubby hole bookshelf for free (thanks!!). I then found these perfect little bookshelf fabric boxes, I went and purchased as many would fit + a few more as they are really handy (if you’re in NZ these fabric boxes are available at the Warehouse for $4.99 ea – go wild). The labels I made with an inked rubber stamp on old pattern paper and I just pinned them to the outside of the boxes.

I now have an organised space for all of my patterns, trims and everything sewing/craft related. I have just purchased some blackboard paint and the next step will be to paint the cubby hole unit to match the boxes – perfection!!.  Although I should really be sewing more and then my stock pile wouldn’t be so excessive…… *shrug*.

Highlight of 2011 – Upcycle of the year!!!!

My husband found this chair on the side of the road in a depressing state waiting for the rubbish collection about 10 years ago. It’s an original 1930’s channelled tub chair and weighs a ton. He saved it by propping it on his skateboard and rolling it home… Finally we had saved enough money to do something to improve the state of it. We sent it off to the upholsters who had a laborious fight with it to bring it back to life (not to mention other complications) and 5 months later on my Birthday I got a call to come and pick it up! This is our new love – our refurbished 1930’s art deco channelled tub chair in warm black leather. Definitely our number one highlight of 2011!

P1000701 (800x450)P1000704 (800x450)P1010371P1010372P1010373


  1. That chair is incredible! My mother once bought a 1920s sofa from an antique store, but the sofa was in terrible condition. She had the wood refinished and the sofa reupholstered and new springs, etc… it was (and still is) a gorgeous piece of furniture now.
    When I was 12 I spent a hot summer stripping and refinishing an antique bed and vanity table. Mother said I could have them if I refinished them, so as a pre-teen I spent that summer figuring how to strip and refinish wood. That set is in my guest bedroom now.
    Love “upcycled” furniture like that chair.

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  2. Oh my goodness, I love that chair! What a lucky find and it’s great that you saved the money to have it restored so beautifully. I would love to have a chair like that! What a great story 🙂


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