Upcycled wool blanket military inspired coat.

This is my Victorian/military styled red wool blanket coat. I wanted a red coat and found a red wool blanket that had faded some and needed refreshing. So off I trotted to the nearest stockist of fabric dye and found a product called i-Dye. It’s a fabric dye for natural fibres and synthetics.

Key point of difference when working with dye is the fixative you use and the method of colouring. Great learning experience and a beautiful result. I recommend experimenting with this product and read the instructions carefully as not all colours can be used with all types of natural fabrics.

Anyway, voila my second coat constructed 100% out of blankets. Outer shell is as previously mentioned,  a red wool blanket. The lining is a black satin duvet cover. Patches are hand drawn and painted by myself in textile ink on white curtain fabric and then applied to the coat using blanket stitch.

Same pattern as the first coat, altered slightly in the front to meet with hook and eye instead of a cross over style. It took 4 hours to construct the outer and about the same to construct the inner. Patches took 5 to 10 minutes each.

Pepperbox pistol above the hidden pocket to signify the historical use of the pepperbox as a weapon favoured for coach protection from highway men. Always on guard. The stars signify the southern cross constellation.

Click on images below to enlarge   ♥


Let me know what you think?

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