Inspired coats made from wool blankets

   ♠   ♣   Up-cycling, re-cycling, re-fashioning, not quite sure what it’s called but I aspire to do it.! ♥   ♦

I started my sewing adventure learning to sew coats in April/May 2011

I was inspired by Paula Coulthard a NZ fashion designer & textile artist who makes the most beautiful woolen blanket coats complete with carefully embroidered patches. Her stuff can be seen at

This was my first sewing project. My mum helped me with the outer shell (that was my first and only lesson in sewing). I constructed the inner lining out of a satin duvet cover.

The outer was made from a thick wool blanket that had horizontal stripes. The thickness of the wool blanket helped with the structural integrity of the coat.

The pattern is a 1960’s simplicity coat pattern.

 ♦My first coat!!!♦

Be sure to check out my other wool blanket coats articles or click on the images below to be taken to the articles:


  1. Peppermia, I am impressed with your sewing endeavors! Love the coats from wool blankets. Now I should design some knit hats to go with your ecofriendly coats! Keep in touch! Kerryblueknits


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