Mini holiday – mini project

Ugly slab table with potential?

Woohoo – I have a mini 1 week holiday, the first in a long time. After such a weird few years it was high-time I burnt off some steam with a little project. Let’s go!!!

I went to our nearest recycling center and found a few goodies to restore and play with. One being an ugly slab table that I felt had ‘some’ potential, some subltle mid century vibes, biophilic nature-in-the-raw – what’s not to like? Hmm, it was fugly – anyways brought it and got it home. Hubby hated it instantly called it nasty names and told me I got ripped off – for firewood. Maybe I did but I sensed there was something, a deeper mystery maybe, one that needed revealing….. it ain’t firewood – not just yet.

Ugly old varnish hiding something, but what?

Undeterred I gave it a good sanding. Who on earth would have guessed at the level of transformation!! I was pleasantly surprised.

Ummmmm what???
Well, hello there – Glorious color!!

A quick sand and a thin coat of clear sealer and it looks amazing. I’ve only worked the top for now but I am excited how it has turned out with minimal effort.

Just goes to show – it is best not to judge a book by it’s cover!

I can’t wait to finish the sides, maybe change the legs out, and add a couple more sealer coats to the top. Fantastic!!!!

My other scores of the day – also resto projects are a couple of corten steel and kwila stools originally designed and installed in the CBD as part of a gentrification project a couple of years ago. Some how they made their way to the recycling centre – don’t know how, or why, but I have always loved these stools…. And now they are mine.

Corten steel and kwila stools

And finally a ROK espresso manual machine – because why not. It’s a bit of fun and coffee is my blood type.


  1. Hi darling cool stuff. I like the table Good vision I noticed a printer in the photo with the awesome chairs (geat score) I am after a laser printer at a good price with plenty of ink still in it. If you are over that way again have a look out for us XXXX Love you Mum ________________________________


    1. Hey Mum!! We went back the next day and all the stocked had been turned over. To be fair though I wouldn’t trust the electronics there as a lot of them are left outside in the rain. They really only stock electronics for parts.


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