sailor girl knitted wallet

I was looking through my posts so far and realised there were no pictures or articles on the accessories that I made last year….. Making the accessories is where this adventure started.

So a long time ago……..

I have always had a passion for knitting and crochet, I really love the process and the resulting meditative trance. I seldom used to make anything substantial – it was all about knitting for knitting’s sake. Anyway at some point I needed a new wallet and already had a black chunky cable knitted GAP bag that I adored because of it’s difference, and thought I would knit myself a wallet to go with the bag. The result was this……



It’s fair to say it is nothing like the bag. I got a bit lost on the way and liked the journey so I kept on going and made bag after bag after bag until I had to start gifting them to others because there were so many.

I hand paint all the patches onto white roman blind material using textile paint, a very small paint brush and steady hand. This wallet used a 10cm zip and was knitted width (vertical stripes is a clue in the picture) ways from memory it was 60stitches for each row and I just kept knitting until the rectangle was approximately 21cm long, then I cut a corresponding square out of stiff scarp fabric (which at the time happened to be upholsters synthetic suede). On this inner piece of fabric I hand stitched a small pocket and stitched the sides up of the inner fabric and then the outer, stitched the sides of the outer and applied the zip. I am sure there is a hundred and one ways of doing this in an easier way like using the sewing machine…… etc.. But at the time I didn’t feel very confident with the machine.

I have an order for a few wallets and bags to fill for this Christmas. and luckily like the cooking shows on TV, I already have some partially prepared. YAY….. where are my zips at…….