A knit tube dress made in an hour….. blank canvas ready for painting.

I have a fascination with straight dresses. Like the Charleston dresses of the 1920’s that are void of curves and shaping. They look fantastic on some people. I envy those people.

I showed my friend a photo of a modern equivalent of the dress I wanted to make – she called it a large sack (I know you are reading this span).

Anyway, I decided I had to have something in my wardrobe in that vein. But definitely modern, comfy and casual in style. So I decided grey knit was the material, and a mid calve length was the length.

I measured the widest part across my hips and added a few centimetres as I did not want any cling and basically cut two lengths in a long rectangular shape and stitched up the sides and applied button domes to the top of the shoulders. The buttoning is wide enough to create a soft cowl front and the sleeve holes are intentionally left wide.

The dress looked like a large sack and I had made one fatal mistake – I have curves and look like a giant grey brick. Not cool.

I quickly altered the waist area and pulled it in enough to break the linear brick-like quality of the look. Below is the result.

Now all that is needed is an applied stencil print. Not sure what that is going to be at this stage. Possible ideas are two full length wings on the back done in white to keep the contrast light, an over the shoulder double gun holster or a very large print of draping rosary beads and cross draped and doubled over the front and back – but  that’s for a later post.