Alexander McQueen Kimono Jacket – in progress….

This weekend I decided to ‘have a go’ at making something more complicated… and has proved quite challenging.

Anyone out there who want’s to try making this kimono jacket here is a link to the free-pattern. It is an amazing couture jacket that requires patience and intermediate origami skills.

This is what it should look like

Below is what I have ended up with.

It is only pinned at the moment – I am going to assess and reassess the points of fabric manipulation and the instructions which are albeit brief and not very detailed.

 As you can see the front is not meeting as it should the long part of the collar should cross over and sit above the shorter part. I think this is because I have overdone it with the folding in the back.

Lucky it is only pinned for now.

I have been struggling with this coat for 2 days now – so I am going to pack it away for a while and revisit it later.

This is the back view of the jacket

Materials used:

  • tea coloured heavy drill cotton (outer)
  • cotton/polyester/brushed velvet upholstery (gold damask panels – outer)
  • polyester (back hem facing – inside jacket)

If you feel up for a challenge – have a go yourself here is a link to your free-pattern


13 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen Kimono Jacket – in progress….

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  2. Wow, you’re doing really well for only learning to sew last year, perhaps I’ll include one of those designer patterns in my year of sewing 🙂 Great blog too!


    • Thanks, I started sewing teaching myself with a coat pattern that I picked up and then I slowly got the hang of that….. I only found out later that coats and jackets are apparently the hardest apparel item to make…. I think anything with a zip is harder. I still haven’t got the gist of dresses yet. Practice, practice, practice. I try to sew a little everyday now.


      • Hehe, I love starting in the deep end. Zips are pretty easy when you get the hang of them – though I find it best not to insert them at 2am when I’m better off asleep… so yeah guess what I’m doing today. :S Looking forward to seeing your finished coat! 🙂


        • oh lol, yes that is me…. I always start with the most complicated things first. But definitely not at 2am!!

          Since we last spoke… I finished another 6 money socks on which I have been practicing my zips. The zips went in fine with no problems but I am still not friends with it or the process just yet.


  3. I actually made a haori (Kimono jacket) and I did it using a Simplicity Pattern. It actually came out OK, but I can’t show you because I don’t have a camera. Maybe I will borrow my daughters and then I can share it with you. It was difficult, though.


    • I only started sewing in March last year – I got sick of painting and decided I needed to develop another creative outlet. before March 2011 all I knew was how to thread a needle and stitch a hole closed, but really that was about it. I am really enjoying the journey so far….. only put my fingers through the sewing machine a couple of times – ouch!! and learnt from that 🙂

      Thanks for your message!


  4. I’ve been eyeing this pattern off since I saw it on Pinterest a few weeks ago …… but a) I’m not sure I’m *that* game yet, and b) I don’t know how it would fit my body shape – but gosh it’s an amazing jacket!


    • Hey Jen 🙂
      Have a go!! I think the pattern is a SZ40? or at least it should be, mine as I have mentioned is now smaller than intended.

      It’s a really simple pattern with very few pieces to work with, the hard part is all the darting and fabric manipulation. That’s where I got stuck.

      I recall you know how to draft patterns (If my memory hasn’t failed me), You should have a look at it. I’m sure you could alter the pattern, if you have too, without too much trouble. I expect it would be relatively easy to rework it from a basic block. It would probably make more sense too with the darts and stuff …… maybe I should do that too. hmmm


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