Octobaby Bag – letter satchel style

To go with the range of wallets I developed a range of bags. Out of necessity mainly and mostly dictated by the requirements of my outfit or event. Or the need for something different. I can’t remember there are so many bags and so many reasons.

I call it my octobaby bag.

This was my first bag, my test bag. I dragged this poor bag around with me for a good 8 months to a year to test the construction and design. I threw it in the washing machine a couple times and it came out the other side still one of my favourites it’s now a couple of years old and it still looks good. I hand painted the image in textile paints on roman blind material because I like the tight weave and strength of the material and the partial resistance to the paint, meaning the paint sticks to the fabric but doesn’t absorb and bleed. I do all of my patches the same way. One blind goes a long long way. Upcycling is wonderful!


This bag is in a letter carrier style with a small flap held at the corners with elastic (one hair tie cut in half and sewn into two small loops) and two buttons that lived a previous life as part of a seat. The outer material was found at a thrift store and the inner lining in made from synthetic suede upholsterers material. Upholsters material tends to be stiff and hard to work with but in the right project it can hold the form and structure much better than expensive interfacing.

Let me know what you think?

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