I have just finished making these pants. They are 100% cotton.

Constructed from a paisley duvet cover and some grey cotton scraps I had picked up in my travels. I really wanted a pants pattern that produced a sophisticated and structured look that was comfortable at the same time. I found a NEW LOOK pattern 6919 that featured the palazzo pant and a vest….

imageThe Palazzo pant style is high-rise with wide leg. Designed to meet the floor = perception of longer legs. This model does not have hips – The palazzo pant gives the appearance of shapely hips as well. Rule – Wear high heels and always have the hemline touching the floor.

I am really happy with the result they look just like they do on the packet, except not on me as I already have hips and don’t need any extra width in that area. So here they are. ungracefully strung up on a hanger and on me – enjoy. I found I am a SZ14 in this pattern – their sizing is quite small.

Things I would do differently next time:

  1. use a different material like Satin or cut on bias so there is a more of a draped hug of the garment.
  2. alter the pattern to a mid rise rather than having it sit so high on the waist.
  3. alter the pattern to make the pleat wider and more pronounced with a lot of give .
  4. Shift the pleats further out toward the pockets
  5. slightly reshape the top of the thigh area to be a little slimmer so the leg looks visually longer, rather than short and wide……… 🙂
  6. Wear high heels next time I take a photo of myself in palazzo pants.