Sock Doll people

I don’t know what possessed me to make these but I think they are hilarious. The devil is my favourite with the winking look. Maybe it’s just me? Bunny


It’s really easy if you make a regular ‘sock monkey’ and I am pretty sure there is zero waste because you can use the leftovers in the stuffing!! (props for environmental conscience).

Tip: If you line them with a second sock you could fill them with a mixture of buckwheat and rice – voila a microwaveable wheatie sock monkey!! Just watch the button eyes are safe for microwaving, if in doubt embroider the eyes. Here is the ‘Wheat to Rice’ ratio kindly supplied by Eileen Hughes over at hubpages.

It’s a great project for kids and the young at heart…. Here is a great link to a website devoted to the ‘sock monkey’ called What could be more perfect…..?

These are my creepy cuties!! I just altered the pattern to suit each one.