Change of pace, alterations in leather

I had a mid length leather coat hiding in the back of my closet. I decided against turfing it into the op shop bin and thought about re-fashioning it instead.

Most un-inspired style – boxy, no shape, no designer features – nothing extraordinary about it at all. So, I tried it on marked it where my waist was, took a deep breath and cut.

Straight across the front and a soft scallop round the back as the back had panelled work I didn’t want it to appear to hard. I hand stitched the lining and the coat back together. I then took the left over leather and lining and cut bell-shaped cuff pieces and hand stitched those to the existing sleeve ends.

End result, nice little crop leather jacket with extra long sleeves. I am a fan of long sleeves that cover my hands to the fingers as I am such a sissy in winter and need the extra length to cover as I usually wear half gauntlets under the cuffs.

This jacket however more re-fashionista statement than functional as a kidney warming, wind reflecting jacket.

Pfft…. I love it. Another quality and unique piece for my wardrobe!!