Knitted ‘rockabilly’ wallets

100% Raw Cotton ‘money bag’ coin purse – 10cm x 10cm in size, small coin purse for that pesky change. Knitted with a zip sewn into the top. unlined.

P1010429 (775x800)


Another ‘run rabbit run’ wallet/money sock in hot pink. – 14cm across and 11cm high, small size. The patches are painted in puff and metallic paint. fully lined.

P1010428 (800x668)P1010427 (800x658)


Rockabilly knitted ‘hold fast’ wallet/money sock – 21cm wide x 11cm high. Rockabilly/sailor tattoo style patches painted in a 50’s palette of colours. Fully lined. Size is versatile as a ‘catch all’ for your general wallet items or carry as a stylish knitted clutch.

P1010426 (800x449)

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Bunny P


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