upcycled origami box inspired dress


This dress is 100% upcycled from a large square scarf and the back box insert is made out of fabric sourced from an old dress. I am to attend a wedding tomorrow and required a new dress. I also couldn’t find an appropriate pattern to fit what I wanted so I made one up on the fly.

The top part is loosely based on a cowl neck top that I have and the box fold back came about because I wanted a flared mermaid back and decided at the last minute it needed to be more structured than a rounded flare.

I have a higher waist than my mannequin so it cinches in at the right place on me and the front skirt from the waist down appears to fall close like a pencil skirt. The back sits out from the body in a square shape and tucks back in at the corners below the hips at the smallest part of the body.

Now I need to find shoes to go with it!!

Click on the photos to view detail. Happy to answer any questions you may have.


Below was the original dress, it is made of the most beautiful sheer pinstripe fabric with a navy blue slip underneath. As you can see the shape was not the most flattering and it was much to short for me to get away with.

P1010156 (533x800)


Dowdy dress + Large Square Scarf = glam backless dress



Please leave a Reply. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have.

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