Chic winter wool gauntlets – knitting

These are real effective for keeping your hands warm in winter and look winter chic. Really easy to make, basically knit a rectangle shape and stitch closed about 1cm at each corner. Then add trims and or designer features. I made them to go with my wool blanket coats (refer to my older posts).

Because my label is ‘pepperbox’ couture I named these ‘handcuffs’. Most people call them Gauntlets, wristlets or pulse warmers. Whatever you call them, here are a few of my examples.

Purple tweed look and grey fur trimmed handcuffs.


12cm long with grey fur trim, I had a lot of embroidery cotton all different colours so I knitted them together resulting in the tweed look of the material.

Mushroom grey cable knit & rib handcuffs.


88 stiches across, alternating in blocks of 4 stitches in rib section and cable. 13cm in length.  Seriously cosy and stylish. I wear them under long shirt cuffs all day long in winter.

Chunky knit cable thick wool handcuffs


These handcuffs are my third pair of this style. They are my favourites and I wear them everywhere and tend to loose them. These have only just been knitted and need to be broken in as they still have ‘that newly knitted shape.

Almost finished handcuffs

P1010402Punk Glove

1.Black and fluorescent pink punk handcuffs and bag: Nearly there. I taught myself a technique called Swedish stitching that is an embroidery technique usually used in table mats etc. I thought the result looked a lot like knitting so I used these gloves to test the technique (skull and word) on knitted wool….. I have to say it is so much easier than trying to nut out a pattern and work the piece row by row. It is a very handy and versatile technique!!!!


2. These are just some nice plain knitted handcuffs with a sailor girl bird hand painted patch on each cuff. The difference with these cuffs is that they are lined with cute blue and pink polka dot cotton, echoes the colours in the birds. I lined them because the wool is a carpet grade wool and is a little scratchy on the skin.


3. Emo stripe glove. Having a moody day don a pair of emos to your wrists. Oh that doesn’t sound right does it?……… you get the gist.