Apron dress 12/11/11

This dress was very quick to make. 100% cotton, 100% recycled from a paisley duvet cover and a grey cotton couch cover. It is in the style of a 60’s-70’s wrap dress resembling an apron.

I really like the comfy factor of this dress and I wear it either on it’s own or over distressed grey jeans and a neutral coloured top.

It’s boho charm for this summer.

I made it to fit SZ12 – things I would do differently are

  1. I would make the side panels of the skirt pattern wider so the wrap around the rump is more generous. It covers fine – but a gust of wind may prove different.
  2. I would shorten the neck strap and front top strap to pull the bodice back in an give a more gathered look in the bust.
  3. I would remove the gathering from the side panels and leave them flat. \
  4. I would put some pockets on it – every apron needs pockets  Smile