My first dress – made from upholstery fabric and a silk laundry bag

Yes, re-fashioning is always the topic with me.

This is my first dress. I decided as Summer is almost here that I should at the very least try to make some summer items for my ever-expanding wardrobe. I love the ‘maxi’ dress style, I have to confess at this point that I do not own any but I hope to, if I can make them.

I got a free pattern called ‘dot’s invasion’ from the website for a maxi dress. Excellent site full of free patterns and great community of sewers and heaps of tips and tricks. Can be accessed here:

The pattern looks fairly straightforward. I always seem to go against the rules and create things in fabric that is not recommended or try to create very detailed parts not previously mentioned in the pattern. Here, I have done it again. But I am amazed I got that far and very pleased with the outcome.

This dress is still a work in progress, I need to add in the zipper to the back and fix the back straps then it’s all done!! yay∞

I wanted the finished dress to be akin to a greek goddess style.

This is what I did – The yoke is made from upholstery fabric (leatherette) and I spent several hours hand stiching it in an attempt at technique of Canadian quilting (aka North american quilting) This is the braid style. The body of the skirt is made from a silk laundry sack.

Can’t wait to finish it.