Refashioned cute sleeveless summer top


I have been through my wardrobe looking for inspiration… and instead found items for refashioning.

I found two tops that had seen better days and they didn’t really fit my style anymore…

P1010167 (533x800) +P1010069 (533x800)=P1010383

I really liked the bib on the dark grey knit top. and the soft mixture of aubergine/mushroom coloured merino wool with polyester lace stripes of the first top.

So I cut the first top up the middle and stitched in the bib from the second top. So now it’s more like a frilly indie style vestlet top. It’s very lightweight and unique for summer.

Things I would do differently next time:

  1. be brave and use the sewing machine instead of hand stitching.
  2. Play with the hemline and create a different shape.


Click on the photos to see the detail.


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2 thoughts on “Refashioned cute sleeveless summer top

  1. so LOVE this top! and would wear the hell out of it. the color and the fit, the way it hangs in the front has got to be flattering to the wearer. it looks like it would wear well and be cool (as in temperature cool and when you live in the deep south cool is good, very good). and did I mention sexy? -nh


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