My casual green and black jacket with ridiculous oversized hood!! – 19/10/11


I  finished this short coat/jacket today. It’s made out of fabric left over scraps and upholstery buttons. I also printed labels for my garments (of which I hope there to be many) this is the first garment to be stitched with my label. YAY excited!♥

The green and black fabric panels are 100% NZ wool and the black is a fine corduroy which is a mixture of cotton and elastine. I had a vintage coat pattern that I have altered to make this hooded coat, and to make the best use of the small amounts of fabric I had to use for this project. ♥

My inspiration for this coat was the NZ staple of the Woolen Swandri.  ♥

39cm across shoulders, 102cm bust, 85cm waist, 102cm hips. It’s roughly a SZ12 – 14 (NZ sizing).♥

The labels are made by using a rubber stamp fabric paint and a fabric marker. I learnt this from an inspiring technique tutorial posted on the sewing site. I post a link when the website is available again. ♥


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