Breaking news – I just finished a painting! 

Yesterday I had the urge to paint, and paint I did.

I haven’t painted in many years now. Picking up a paint brush after uni (2005) was a little daunting, requiring in depth analysis – is the composition right? Is the subject right? Is the message to the reader clear? In what context will it be presented and how will it affect the reading? What technique should I use? How do the materials/colour/size change the audience perception? And Does any of it matter? It took me a long time to snap out of that thought progress….. All I want to do is paint, that’s all.


I think the last painting I did was of my oldest Niece when she was one.  She is 4 now… it’s been that long.

My sisters middle child is roughly the same age as her older sister had been when I did the last painting. A perfect excuse to get this painting urge out. It’s a snappy quick little piece, I did two study drawings to prepare and within the hour I had completed it.

Happy. I am not going to over analyse it. What’s done is done – moving on…