Furniture of the now

I just wanted to share my excitement about the next evolution in furniture design. 

I am torn between objects that are space saving and practical, foldable modern magic and my absolute LOVE of Lila Jangs (Korea) beautiful reimaginings of classic pieces. I wouldn’t hesitate to own Lila’s whole collection should I ever win the first division lottery and have an enormous, spacious, modern home…….. aaaah lotto, one day, one day.

Lilas designs are sophistcated and whimsical at the same time. They scream responsible adult but draw you into alices wonderland with their classic lines and somewhat impractical modifications. They speak to my soul, like me they look and act responsible 70%, and 30% of the time petulant uncontrollable child. 


AND Space saving furniture – If Lilas designs are a WANT then I NEED these in my life. If only there was a stylish hybrid  between space saving and Lilas designs I would be super happy.

This is our situation at the moment if we want to change the decor…

What we need!!

The F2 table and chairs from Nils Frederking
Pelleossa Skinny chair by Francesco Faccin
I have no idea where to get these next gorgeous pieces from or who designed them, or even if they are real, but if they are – I need them (lotto win dependant).

Let me know what you think?

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