(Kristal, you will be reading this –  I painted it about a month ago and have kept it hush hush – UNTIL TODAY, hope you like it)

  07122012Full shot


Perspective shot to show size………… + Husby putting his shoes on


Detail shot with perspective.

TAAH DAAH – I knew I could still paint….. It’s been years since I last picked up a paint brush and with Christmas coming I thought why not paint a picture of my brand new niece (6  months old) for my sister and her partner to cherish ……… and use.

That’s right use, it’s not only a painting it is a functional object. I am obsessed with black board paint and I wanted to make a cute and unusual black board picture that my sister could use for play dates, appointments or messages for her child.

My sister had no idea what I was up to as I kept it hush-hush until Christmas Day. With the ease of social media I was able to select an image from her facebook page to use, so super sneaky, but I knew she wouldn’t mind.

The drink cup is the black board portion of the painting. I painted this image on canvas with acrylic, high gloss enamel and black board paint. It is a large canvas measuring at 100cm x 80cm. The size was important to maximise the useable black board area but also ensure the overall image proportions remained uncompromised. The canvas is rectangular so it’s shape lent well to a ‘polaroid style’ frame for the image, and supported the classic style I was aiming for.

The image is painted entirely freehand and it took me a few hours to complete once started. I am an impatient painter, once I’ve started I prefer to complete works quickly (within the day) – instant gratification, or forget it. So my process always starts off with careful lengthy planning of every detail which takes a couple of days at the least. When I am happy with the plan it’s all GO!!! I am very thorough with my planning that the actual painting activity is more akin to paint by numbers than creative. I have to fight the creative override impulse to deviate from the plan and it’s tough, but I find it more rewarding when I have completed the piece as first envisioned.

Planning image (A5 size) and final painting (100cm x 80cm)


I love the confused intense look on my nieces face I knew this was the perfect pic for this work, perfect for recording those important appointments such as ‘first trip to the dentist, ‘first day at school’, ‘play date at what’s her name’s’………. all the things she may screw her face up at.


  1. This is amazing…. I remember you showing me the planning. Keep up the amazing work. I would have love to receive a painting on Christmas. Hope your enjoying the break… Vanita:)


  2. You really captured her emotion! Reproducing the image with funny things in the cup could be a fun way to play around with this image and set up more ways to cherish the moment. Are you planning to do more family portraits?


    1. Thanks for the comment Meghan. I hope to get back into my painting again soon, I really enjoyed painting in this style. My husband and I don’t really have any pic’s of ourselves except from our wedding day in 2007 so I might do one of both of us sometime. 🙂

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