Dip paint inspired basket.

I have a million and one projects waiting in my project room to make a start on…… This was but one. To set the scene, I was restless and needed to do something to make the best use of my time in this unbearable heat…….. I spied this thrifted $2 basket awaiting some attention and thought that will do nicely. I already had some spray paint lurking around and I also had some bag rubbish bags and tape (the masking tape was locked away in the mancave outta my reach so I just used standard wide clear packing tape).

Easy peasy little project with chic stylish results. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.






SUBTRACT rubbish bag and tape and you get this…………..


lets take it a step further

adding in a stencil…. And a little more spray paint.




And as a bonus I now have a golden hand from holding down the stencil as the wind has now picked up……… Midas touch? Hmmmm.



Let me know what you think?

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