The great laundry cover-up. PART 1 of a 3 part DIY story

It’s Easter weekend and all the shops are closed, so we have to fend off boredom by coming up with creative distractions. One project that has been waiting so patiently in the wings, is the laundry space, or to be more specific the disguising of it.

Our laundry space is a little nook off a tiny dining room (my office space) which is up against the only space that is allocated to it, jammed up against the back door. Poorly designed and an absolute eyesore. Yes, we could have had a smaller washing machine but that’s not how we do things. An 8.5kg analog Maytag industrial washer that shakes the foundations and sounds like a jet landing – that’s how WE DO THINGS! Only thing is, I’d prefer not to see it and with Winter coming I’d like to screen that back door off for visual reasons and heating reasons.

Obviously we can’t completely block it off as the cat comes and goes via that door so she needs an un-obstructed path, but no human however skinny could ever get through the gap when the door is open so a screen would be perfect!

Luckily, I had a manky old screen that I stripped back to the frame and had every intention of restoring for the laundry space, so time to make good on that promise. I kept the frame because it was good quality cast iron. It was a bit beaten and needed a little care before we got started, hubby assisted with removing the scroll top features (one was missing to begin with so it was a bit lopsided visually), and gave a lick of matt black paint.

In brainstorming designs; I remembered I also had 18 cast iron curtain rings that would look really good with the new simplified silhouette of the frame, they would also be functional should I need to throw something into the machine, I’d just need to slip the panel back, if I didn’t want to open the screen entirely.

For the fabric I wanted something heavy and thick, I hate when screens are made from flimsy material that light leaks through, I think it looks cheap and low in quality. I chose some thick Indian woven cotton that is in a beautiful milky chai tea colour. The fabric was thrifted from a local salvation army charity shop, $15 for just shy of 7 metres – so much more than I need, but I wont have any problem using this delicious versatile colour in projects to come.

I have deliberated for the equivalent of two days now on what I want to put on the screen, sure, I could leave it bland and plain, if I was boring…..

I decided to use a quote about luck by R E Shay. ‘Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.’ A little quirky and whimsical touch to our decor.

I am still in the process of designing the stencil, I want a retro mix of typography and I want the print area to be tight spaced. This will go on the middle panel of the screen, I am still umming and aaarhing on what to put on the outer panels. I’ll see what it looks like plain, but I have a suspicion that the visual look will be a little unbalanced with plain side panels.. At the moment I’m thinking maybe a couple of stylised bunny silhouettes could be the answer…

The middle panel stencil progress is still pretty rough, but I hope to finish it today. Tomorrow, I will have to go and procure some spray paint from the hardware store as I intend to carry out a similar process as in my ‘dip paint inspired basketpost. I did toy with the idea of dragging out the compressor, air brush and thinning out some fabric paint. But to be honest, I’m feeling pretty lazy and tempted by shortcuts and naps, and easter chocolate for this easter Sunday – tomorrow black enamel spray paint will do just fine and it will tie in the black of the cast iron fittings nicely.

Right now, I feel a nap is necessary, and then some chocolate hot cross buns dripping in melted butter and finally followed by some more stencil work.

Catch up on the finale tomorrow!

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