Birdcage shabby chic lamp from freecycled parts.

Here is my design concept. 🙂


I rescued this weird birdcage thing years ago, it is clad in twisted cords of paper string that had been antiqued in gesso, or something. I am pretty sure it’s a shade of some sort as it has an internal structure…. It could also be amazing with a pot plant in it with leaves sticking through the cords, or it could even have had a glass centre with a volcano candle….. But for me it will make a fine vintage style lamp.

My sister was having a clean out today and gave me a cord and a ceiling pendant fitting that she didn’t need anymore…. And I had some left over parts from a previous project.


First thing that needed to be done was to strip the fitting as it turned out to be too long for the shade with the light bulb sticking out the top. Hubby offered to do this bit and stripped it back and removing the long stem in the centre. He also found some extra wire that was left over from a car project that luckily matched the wire of the original fitting…. So my sisters electrical wire can be saved for the next project woowoo! Or, she can retrieve it if she finds she needs it for something else.


A quick fitting followed by wiring and securing all the bits, viola all done!



Let me know what you think?

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