New day, new project – diy mirrors

Two DIY mirror projects


Mirrors, mirrors on my wall, which is my favourite of you all? I love making mirrors and I’ve found that you can pretty much make them out of anything you want. I did a post some time back on a couple of upcycled racket mirrors that were inspired by a previous spied image in the reblog I did of 99 hacks to make your life easier.

I was fortunate enough to find a couple more vintage rackets on a recent thrifting adventure for 0.50cents each.


I wont go into details since this is a repeat of the previous project I did. But I did mock up a visual guide below if you wanted a quick how to. If you have any questions please let me know.

A few tips:

  • Don’t use glue, silicon is best used for adhesive because it does not corrode the silver mirror coating. Leave it to dry for at least an hour, although we leave ours to dry overnight.
  • Don’t bother trying to remove the racket strings, sandwich them between the mirror glass and MDF board with the silicon – this makes them more sturdy and less fuss without the use for pins etc.
  • Cutting the glass to size – leave it to the professionals. It is ridiculously difficult to cut the mirror glass to an exact oval shape and even harder when the form (in this case a racket) is twisted out of shape with years of age and abuse. Our local glazier charged me $50 for the two racket mirror pieces, the silver frame mirror (the second project in this post) + fitting and a new piece of glass for a big wooden picture frame…… so averaged out these rackets were cheap as chips and with a professional job done.

All I have to worry about is DO I HAVE ENOUGH RACKET MIRRORS? The answer is probably not…





Second mirror project………. Loving it.



I got this little ornate silver painted frame for free on one of my journeys. It had a gross padded silk printed painting in it, it was torn mouldy and had a gold velour backing – BLAH, BE GONE FROM MY LIFE.

I ripped the painting out as fast as humanly possible and sent it to the glaziers for a mirror fitting. This is how it turned out – Super chic and a beautiful addition to my abode…………..



happy days!


  1. I really like that, although old tennis rackets fetch a premium in shops. I will certainly think about trying it.


    1. Hi, thanks for your message. We in NZ must be behind on the trend as I can pick armfulls of vintage tennis rackets in the op shops for $1 a piece. I have another 4 rackets to mirror to complete my wall. I hope to finish those soon. Happy hunting they are a unique talking point and well worth the effort.


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