DIY shabby chic storage solutions.

This weekend I refurbished a thrifted little set of drawers that I picked up for $3. The drawers were sun damaged, marked with age and use, and well just gross….. Look at them, they really should be in the trash.

But I looked through the cloud of filth (and reality), and saw a hip little pastel, shabby chic combination just waiting to be created.



I also picked up this cushion for $3 (from the same place) it inspired me. It was lovingly handmade, every stitch was done by hand in wool. I also loved the colour palate.

If I’m totally honest, it wasn’t the subject that drew me in – horses scare the crap out me. Out of the many horses I have met, not one has refrained from biting me – I am really not a fan of horse bites….

The cushion is in the theme of the  boho romantic/shabby chic style I am building in my wardrobe room.  UUgghhh There are soooo many pillows in there now that I have to perch, teetering on the edge of the couch for fear that ‘I’ might fall off. The silly things we do for comfort sometimes have the opposite effect.


Apologies, I digress, being a creative means I am very easily distracted.

What I meant to say was the colours in the pillow inspired the palate I wanted to use for the drawers.
When I got home and assessed my available materials I found I couldn’t replicate the colour palate as I was a few colours short….. so I choose to compliment it instead. I retreated to my pinterest colour board to look at some vintage combinations and came back with the following images on my mood board.


 colour Colour 2 timssally vintage colours

  • The first image with the feather is a colour palate put together by the creative people at
  • The second image of distressed paint and wallpaper on board is from
  • The third quirky dolls and journals image is from
  • and the last image which is my favourite – comes from



After deciding on the right colour and material combination and I decided try out a painting technique I had also seen on Pinterest. I call it the tape crazy method. I love the way the results echo the geometric shapes of the 1930’s deco era….. A modern deco age.

tape crazy

So I tried it for myself… with mixed results.

I taped up the piece and I painted it a variety of colours, however I didn’t like it because it was too much of a contrast to the materials I intended on using for the front…..

So I reduced the ‘variety’ of colours to 3 (primary, secondary and accent). But the result was still not right. LAST CHANCE – I painted the whole lot a warm tint white and removed the tape for the first time………….

Lets not mince words it was a DISASTER.

By this time I had spent so many hours on painting, repainting, sanding and painting again that I had to call it – enough was enough!!!! Pffffft – I think that ‘technique’ should come with a disclaimer that reads ‘use only on big scale to avoid looking daft’.

So I painted the whole thing it in cool minty green……… distressed it with sandpaper to highlight the edges of the triangular shapes hidden beneath – sighed –  and walked away.

I then cracked on with the drawers and that part thank goodness sped by. I chose to use some scraps of vintage wallpaper (some printed, some textured) that I had collected over the years.

I am really happy with the results. In hindsight it was the right decision to colour the casing all one colour, because it would have been visual chaos otherwise.





  1. Trying to figure out what it is made of? wood, pressed wood..cardboard?? lol And was it originally covered with cloth or paper? Looking at the original picture it looks like tears in upper right corner, not worn down like wood. Beautiful piece!! Amazing what you have done!!


    1. Hi, its cardboard with a metal frame, I think, I didn’t peel it back any further than the original pics… It was also covered in some sort of red textured tissue paper. Thanks for the message 🙂


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