Pallet craft – it’s everywhere!

Last week I made the smallest contribution to the pallet craze I could think off…… A table lamp……..

Let me start at the beginning – My sister’s FABULOUS coffee business Cargo Coffee just moved from an outside (open to all the elements) site to a partially enclosed site on Fort Street in Auckland, NZ.. She had spent the last few months been busying the troops with moving duties and building a pallet wall, during which – she enlisted us on pallet runs……… to score free-cycle materials to transform the space into a chic stylish little spot.


Below is the ‘before’ state of the space.


One day’s progress…. Sheets of Ply went up to close in the space and provide a base for the pallet wall, and prep work was done on the deck.


Here is a Pallet shot of the wall in progress


Moving day


Below is a final shot of the space completed and looking very inviting!!


A few old school assembly benches and some rustic furniture and the space looks great.


stellar job! This space certainly looks the business!!

I was lucky to score some offcuts that were in the rubbish pile in the form of stacker blocks…. most with printing on them or a splash of colour…. I admit it was inspiration at first sight.


On the way home from my sisters cafe, inspired and holding my blocks of wood – I asked hubby to stop at the hardware store to pick up some bits……


  • a trusty extension lead
  • light bulb
  • screw in light fitting
  • in line switch

and about an hour, or so later we produced this…..


I was on electrical duties and hubby busied himself with the power tools.

I managed to score a cheap clearance ceiling fitting that was already wired up, well kinda.

I cut the ceiling fittings off, leaving as much cord as I could…. Followed the instructions for the in line switch, then repeated the process with the extension cord cutting off the female end…. for written instructions please refer to my earlier post – Trash to Treasure–Art Deco Lamp conversion & Spruce up .


Hubby clamped the first block, and readied the drill  for the first hole and then prepped the hole saw……. followed by a bit of routing and a side drill in the base for the cord to exit the block


It took a little manipulation to get the cord through the block but in the end we had light.

P1030231_thumbP1030234_thumbP1030237 (501x800)_thumbP1030241

A small contribution to the fad of the day…….. I can’t say I am a convert yet, but we’ve got a few pallets now so we better make plans to use them…. stay tuned.

A special post for my sister.



  1. Your sister’s coffee stand turned out fantastically, Pepper…what an inviting area–tres chic!

    Love your little lamp, and yes, if I had found some cut-offs like that, I would definitely have hauled them home and begun turning them into something! Kudos on the great work!


  2. Hi, there. This is the first I’ve heard of a pallet craze, but I’m American, and our pallets are pretty ugly and splintery.Did you have to sand and stain all of that wood? I think your results are really nice. I like the variety in wood tones, and the raw look to your lamp. Congratulations to your sister. What a hard working bunch.


  3. I don’t necessarily get the aesthetic appeal, but I love love love the re-purposing of the wood.The wall treatments are especially gorgeous.

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  4. I love it. The cool thing about pallets, to me, is all that character that’s built right in to the wood. It just starts off so much better than anything you could buy at a lumber yard (unless you’re getting the expensive stuff- but that’s for a whole different kind of crafter). And they’re free. And they’re upcycled. There are so many wins with pallets.


  5. Nice Project.
    The possibilities you have making things from euro pallets is huge. 🙂

    I made a sawhorse using using planks of wood that once were merely used to stabilize a stack of catalogs during transport and would have otherwise ended up in an incinerator.

    I am also playing with the Idea of making furniture with it but first I need to collect more scrap wood ^^


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