Wardrobe catch-ups

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had loads of recent interest and comments on the wardrobe post I did six months ago.

So as you may all be aware I had a serious addiction to clothing that got totally out of hand, and I did a post about my self imposed tough-love rehab session. Many of you have commented on how extreme the process was (to the delight of all the project managers and six sigma practitioners out there)  and have asked how I am going now………. Well I can say I have a good grasp on the process now and have NEVER had so few clothes. I may realise my dream of owning a capsule wardrobe one day after all.

Since my initial post I have added in a few new rules to assist me with my goal of de-cluttering my life wardrobe by reducing. reusing, recycling and donating.

RULE ONE – If I have to buy a piece of clothing it must:

  • enhance my existing wardrobe

  • replace 1 or more items already in the wardrobe collection

RULE TWO – There is a mandatory MONTHLY stock check and clean out of:

  • Anything that doesn’t fit properly, or not my style any longer – donations

  • Anything that needs mending – mending pile

  • Anything that is beyond mending and needs to be recycled – rag bin, sewing room material – reuse/recycle or *gulp* trash…



That’s all I’ve needed these past 6 months to keep me in check and I have managed to go from 355 items to 15 prearranged outfits of interchangeable items (work gear) and my dresser drawers are half full (casual gear).

My work colleagues have also noticed that my outfits are similar week-to-week and that they now recognise garments that I’ve worn before……….. I’m really not sure how I feel about all of that…… anyway here are the pictures showing before and after.

355 items reduced to 15 outfits

before and after1


before and after2 before and after3 before and after4

For a revisit to my earlier post on the full project management system and tips and tricks on reducing visit this link  *HELP* I need some order in my wardrobe…… Oh wait I can help myself! (0_o)”


For some crafty little tips and tricks look no further

Use shower curtain rings to join hangers together = space on space and avoid crinkly clothing! <3 Peppermia

A guide to organising your wardrobe [Infographic]


  1. Wow. Just….wow. Do you feel more relaxed now that you have some order in your house/closet? I’m glad you’ve been able to get to this point! Good luck keeping it up!!! I have total faith in your ability to.
    -April w/ED_ToothTalk


    1. It’s a huge and unexpected relief. I now get up in the morning and I don’t need to tornado my way through a tonne of outfits before I select one….. I no longer have clothing everywhere, yet struggle to find anything to wear. It’s sooooo good and I have never been this person before as I LOVE things and lots of things….. But I’ve found happiness living with less too. 🙂


  2. I can’t remember if I previously commented on “*HELP* I need some order in my wardrobe…… Oh wait I can help myself!”, but it’s my favorite of your posts. Using SixSigma DMAIC methodology to clean up your wardrobe speaks to my geek-girl heart. Love it!


  3. I’ve done this at least once a year, Pepper, as closet/storage is limited. Good thing I ‘live’ in either jeans or black Levis! But, seriously, it really helps to sort though the clutter every now and then…everything needs freshening once in awhile, doesn’t it? And it looks so great (vis a vis your images!) when it’s all properly stashed!


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