Winters coming–store the firewood and sew some coats!!!

It’s hard to believe that winter is around the corner with this awful humid heatwave of a summer we’re experiencing in NZ right now. Soon though, there will be a chill in the air and I will be ready!

Pattern Description:

Papercut Patterns – Watson Jacket. Expert level.

An indy pattern designer based in New Zealand. Her patterns are available on her website (click the image above to be redirected) – this month there is FREE SHIPPING world wide!

I found this pattern in a thrift shop ($5) – it had no instructions and was missing a few pieces that I redrafted. I was immediately taken by the packaging and the careful details that went into it. I have never heard of this pattern maker before and I’m so glad I found this – she has enriched my life!

If only, every pattern was this well put together and as easily stored, I would NEVER leave my sewing room!!!

Pattern Sizing:

Small to Medium

I researched on the net about this pattern co and if anyone else had made this jacket… Apparently all of the paper cut patterns come multi-sized from XS to XL. The one I picked up was not multi sized – it was a 1/2 size (between Small and Medium), the pattern was uncut except for two bits missing.


Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing it?

Yes, I think so.

Fits perfectly, I constructed a muslin to be sure (mainly because I didn’t have any instructions and I was rather nervous about how it would turn out). There are two articles from other bloggers that made the process sound complicated and scary….. It wasn’t at all – It was easy as pie!

Were the instructions easy to follow?

There wasn’t any instructions in my pack. There are a few missing notches but since I make a lot of coats I found the pattern easy peasey to follow.

The papercut pattern website tells me the adorable quirky instructions are printed on tissue paper and are designed so you can cut them out and craft a cute little book. They look like this…

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

I liked that the design was up to date and that papercut patterns designs and makes patterns based on current the fashion trends. I LOVE that she’s based here in NZ (yay go kiwi’s) and the first I’d heard about her was from people overseas!!

I didn’t dislike anything about the pattern it is nice and simple and easy to follow.

Fabric Used:

100% wool outer – from 2 grey wool blankets

‘Summer on the inside’ Cotton and Synthetic Lining – Cotton was the leftovers of a bedspread that I made a dress out of last year, and the yellow lining material was picked up at a thrift store shop 5 metres for $2.

Squirrel patch – I made for one of my shirt skirts originally – with iron on interfacing and red and black stretch cotton mix fabric….. I liberated it and have started hand stitching the edges in grey cotton to give it a professional look.

Fitting alterations you made:

Um, I don’t think I made any… The only thing I did was decide on where to put buttons and how many.

Design changes you made:

I topstitched the hemline, collar and sleeve cuffs for a cleaner look – Otherwise, I didn’t change anything – and it fits perfectly.

Would you sew it again?

yes!! As soon as this one wears out I will make another, although I didn’t write any instructions so I will have to go through the process of figuring it all out again when that happens. ugh.

Would you recommend it to others?

Definitely!!!! Check out her website for youthful indy styles that you can’t find anywhere else!!



In conclusion here is my new coat!!! took me a couple of hours after work over 2 days and a couple of hours at of my Saturday to finish. It’s so NEW I took the pics before pressing it and washing off the tailors chalk.




  1. wow! such a great coat! you did an amazing job (don’t know how you did that!! ha). you’re gonna be stylin’.


  2. Very-very chic,Pepper! Love the fabrics you used, especially the lining (to remind you in the dead of winter that spring WILL return!)! Looks as if you used leather-covered buttons, which are also very-very cool…so totally well-done, you’re inspiring me to get out the machine again–after I go shopping for patterns!


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