Refresh tired unloved fabrics with a cheap and cheerful dye job!

We’ve been so busy cleaning out the cupboards and rooms and making space for our pending bundle. On one of these clean outs I found an old coverlet in the back of the linen cupboard. It was an old flax and cotton indian kingsize coverlet. Bright red and gold, very indian and very blinging.

It never ever fitted into our colour scheme, but I loved the handmade detail and the craftsmanship. I had acquired it from a charity shop years ago when I was looking for an ethnic themed bedroom, I preferred the darker tones, so threw this to the back of the cupboard and left it there.

Instead of tossing it back to the charity shops I decided to save it. It could make a lovely designer looking blanket for the winter that’s just around the corner… Who doesn’t like to snuggle in style?

My idea was to dye it to lessen the bling colours and make it a bit more of a match for our style – dark broody, well made, still expensive looking, but on a thrift budget.



before and after


Changing the colour, or material of an item can give it a brand new life. It’s super cheap and easy to do and is so gratifying.

For this project I used a black dylon dye, several litres of warm water and a kilo of salt as a fixative.

I wanted the blanket to pick up a darker tint but still have colour and vibrancy. To do this I left the blanket to soak for 10 minutes less than directed and I also diluted the mixture to twice the ratio of water. This dye is easy to use in a front load or a top load washing machine. The garments require a little soak time, then you just need to leat a normal wash cycle run. That’s all there is to it.

The result was a beautiful deep plum, burgundy with accents of taupe mushroom, with a little bit of the gold still peeking through in the flax thread and trim.

I’m looking forward to it drying and getting to enjoy it. ❤️  




Somebody has claimed it already I see…..

Excuse the grotty little beanie bear, our cat thinks it’s her kitten, she drags it around everywhere, she feeds it, hence the food on it’s face, cleans it and has to sleep cuddled with it. I did contemplate moving it for the photo, but I value my life and prefer not to be bitten. Check that angry face, it’s like she knows.

Let me know what you think?

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