Social snapshot: NZ Lockdown – announcement day!!!

Hi All,

Today is a big day for all of us here in NZ. We get to know if our cabin fever will be relieved by a reduction in alert level…… or not….

Honestly, what I wouldn’t do for a cafe breakfast, or takeaways right now….. Ihave never really been a KFC fan but the whole family is thinking ‘mmmmmm KFC’ lately.

I’ve not posted in a few days because I managed to break a computer, and my other devices are less than optimal. But I am giving it a go, writing the post, on my trusty ancient iPad for you today.

This is an update on what have we been doing to keep the crazy at bay.

Well a little bit of this, a little bit of that and a whole lot more of staring at the walls, or TV, and a whole lot of doing nothing.

I have been watching my plant-pets grow, always a pleasure seeing a new flower bud or fresh new leaf. Especially in winter when we can’t be out in the wild weather among nature.

Then there’s the boredom buster activities for the kid like, making unicorns. Every day revolves around unicorns, ballerinas, princesses or fairies….. and the colour pink.

Daddy installed a swing in the plum tree at the bottom of the yard….

We had a picnic lunch in the top yard.

And mummy made some mermaid hair clips out of scrap wool.

For me, I have discovered that making bread is quite tricky and result are inconsistent. So I gave bagels a go. Let me tell you they were delicious and much easier to make than I thought!

Other than that productivity levels are getting hard to maintain as the days go on. The kiddo is missing her friends and teachers and the outside world. Daddy misses the DIY shops and work productivity and I have been working right through the lockdown (from home perched on the end of the kitchen counter), well at least I was, until I broke my computer last week. Ugh.

However, today at 4pm we will get the latest important announcement, that I anxiously await with fingers crossed for KFC.


Let me know what you think?

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