Crafty corner: what to do about Easter

Easter is coming up so fast and we will still be in lockdown. I have it on good authority that people are still panic buying in the stores and there are none of the usual Easter treats are to be had. *sadface*.

So, in times like these we will have to be creative! If you have kiddies you might like to give some of these ideas a try.

Salt dough Easter egg tree ornaments.

With a few basic ingredients you can make some salt dough and with a bit of paint make some cute Easter egg decorations to hang in a tree! Click on the image below!

Set up a water paint resist Easter egg hunt activity!

You don’t even need eggs for this one. In the tutorial (click image) they use a white crayon as the resist, but you can also use a white candle if you don’t have a crayon, and food colouring if you don’t have water paint.

Make pancakes or waffles shaped like the Easter bunny for a fun breakfast.

Make some dragon eggs!

These are fab and so easy to do, all you need is water, food colouring and boiled eggs.

Got wool? Make some Pom Pom bunnies!

Go traditional and paint some beautiful eggshell keepsakes. Check these out!

And finally make your own delicious Easter treats…..

Let me know what you think?

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