Crafty corner: crafting our way through the NZ Lockdown

Being creative is good for the soul.

These are a few of the crafty things we’ve been doing to pass the time. We’ve lost count of how many days we’ve been on lockdown and even what day it is…..

I have been knitting, a mad woman’s knitting project – the best kind. I don’t know what it is going to be but it will be eccentric whatever it is.

Painting rocks to hide and seek in the garden….

And stitching up some masks just in case….

The world health organization does not recommend the wearing of masks if you are not showing symptoms. As particular care needs to be taken in putting on and taking off of the mask. I wasn’t aware of any of that, so good to know!!

These are just some little projects we have on the go at the moment, keeping lockdown boredom at bay.

Let me know in the comments below what you’re all doing!

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  1. My mom is thinking of making a mask for me because I am the one who has to go for the groceries, but I don’t want her to worry as we don’t have all needed items to make it a mask, Here, the CDC is, on some news stations, that all should wear one. I don’t really know who is right or wrong on it.

    But, being in the house is usual writing, editing, book release prepping and a hint of knitting while my mother sews skirts, tops and things to keep her busy when she gets bored.


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