Let’s cook: NZ Lockdown day 3

Today we cooked some savoury snacks and bread…… Bread, like toilet paper, is scarce. Last time I saw a loaf bread in the shops was 2 weeks ago at the supermarket when someone had abandoned 1 loaf in the canned vegetable isle. Needless to say I grabbed it, but it was the last loaf in the store and I haven’t seen any since. So reviewing the basics has become a necessity for us.

There are so many recipes for making bread, yoghurt, cheese……. rediscovering how to make the basics again seems to be a thing world wide with the respective lockdowns people have become amazingly resourceful.

I mean who wants to risk infection standing in a 3 hour line waiting to get into the supermarkets? Let’s be frank, we all want to avoid the supermarkets right now.

So today that’s exactly what we did. Cooked up some yummy savoury treats for the lockdown week ahead. I am not gonna post recipes here as there are so many to choose from out there and I don’t actually have recipes it’s more of a throw things together and see what happens. 99% of the time it is delicious. Today we baked a loaf of white bread and whipped up some veg and non veg versions of spinach and cheese and ham scrolls, and a doz mini marmite and cheese bites. If I could recommend anything it would be my latest discovery – the humble silicon baking mat. I know they are popular in the USA but they are hard to get here in NZ. I can’t believe how much easier everything is with this baking mat – I would not be without it!!

Whilst I cooked, mini-human hung about for scraps of spinach and cheese that – fell out of the rolls – while she quietly did some art work, she drew a still life art piece. Magnificent!


  1. Baking is definitely on my schedule of activities here in the USA. Going to try my hand at creating sourdough starter from scratch, so i know I’ll have plenty of active yeast on hand. Your loaf and snacks look beyond scrumptious! Be safe!


    1. Hi Shoes15, That was my first attempt, the second attempt rose higher and the third attempt was even better. Patience and practice. I am super happy I gave it a go. Fresh baked bread is delicious! We will all be professionals once lockdown ends….. lol.

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