Let’s cook: making plant based milks

I have never been a big fan of non-dairy milks. A common occurrence for me is I also often make a French press coffee in the morning just to pour it and discover no milk in the fridge. So with the lockdown and trying to save money, dairy milk and reduce unnecessary trips to the shops, I am gonna give nut mylks another go.

We go through so much dairy milk a week we should really invest in a cow. It’s beyond ridiculous.

I am really surprised how easy it is to make and I promise they are not totally terrible. It’s different, but not terrible. I made a litre of Almond and drank it all within 2 days. Then made a roasted cashew, much creamer than the almond with a slight nutty taste.

Non-dairy mylks take a little of bit preplanning as they mostly require soaking over night. But there are a couple of quick options as well. I have posted a YouTube vid from Mind Over Munch where she makes 11 different non dairy mylks and a link to her free e-book!

Mind over munch

Mind over munch e-book


Let me know what you think?

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