Art review: It’s ART MONTH: Sep 2019

It is Art month here is NZ (September 2019), my favorite space in time.

The Arts foundation and Co. are preparing the stage for Art month with a few activities to engage and inspire the creative in all of us.

Express on a digital postcard what ART IS: to you, #ArtsMonthNZ

This is mine:


30 questions in 30 days

Join the chatter on the Arts Foundations social feeds about the state of the arts in Aotearoa. Every day of September we’ll be posing a different questions (as below) on the Arts Foundation’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to incite conversation.

Here’s a heads up on the questions:

  1. Why do the arts matter?
  2. Hands-down favorite artist of all time?
  3. Are the arts a luxury or a necessity?
  4. What was your first encounter with the arts?
  5. Best cross-disciplinary collaboration you’ve ever seen?
  6. Favorite arts moment? Bonus points for pics!
  7. What does creativity mean to you as a New Zealander?
  8. If you could rename the arts, what would you call them?
  9. Artists: In 10 words or less, explain what life is like as an artist?
  10. How would you rate the health of the Arts in Aotearoa right now? Marks out of 10?
  11. Artists: What’s something you miss out on that artists overseas have access to?
  12. If you could give up your day job, what would your artistic career be?
  13. “Could we be the most creative country in the world?” – Rob Gardiner, Chartwell Trust
  14. How can the arts be more democratic and accessible?
  15. Artists: How do you feel the place you grew up in has affected your practice?
  16. What’s missing? Dance, visual art, music, literature, film, theater, interdisciplinary, __________?
  17. Favorite art memes and Gifs?
  18. What’s an arts moment that moved you?
  19. What do artists need in Aotearoa?
  20. What does Aotearoa need from artists?
  21. How can the arts tackle the great problems of Aotearoa?
  22. Who are your kiwi creative idols?
  23. What have the arts done for your well-being? BTW it’s Mental Health Awareness Week!
  24. Favorite performance venues in NZ?
  25. What art makes you angry?
  26. What’s the most creative thang you do?
  27. Who are your creative collaborators? Tag them below!
  28. What’s the one thing you’d like to tell Jacinda Ardern (NZ PM) about the arts? (You know she’s the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, right?)
  29. What’s a fair salary for a full-time practicing artist?
  30. Complete this sentence: Art Is: __________

Thank you to everyone peddling hard to power this ART MONTH.


Let me know what you think?

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