Day two of attacking the drainage issues…

Day two was not so much a day as it was condensed into only a half day as the kiddo was due back from a weekend away at Nana’s. So the un-slightly mess of the ‘before’ image was hastily put back together with only a hint of the magnitude of work visible. Kid safe was the priority.

It’s not a wow moment as it looks exactly the mess it was before. But we can’t tell you how much the water issues have improved but they are working, there’s water running through the drain and that means it’s not flooding and sitting the wrong places.

Mankind conquers natural forces threatening to wash house away

that should have been the title. It was, of course, never that bad but we feel that elated every time we see water running through the open top grate! A small yet significant step in what is an EPIC job. Oh no, stay calm,  we are not finished yet…. until then.

Let me know what you think?

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