A statement piece for a bland hallway



I love a ghost shade as much as the next girl. I see them all over Pinterest and have a ton of them in a box somewhere in the garage, all awaiting to see the light of day sometime in the future. Far, far from now.

Today one mega sized ghost shade was super lucky not to find its way to the dark recesses of the garage with its brethren. But what I had in store for it was not the traditional treatment….. or was it?

I have a lot of little scrappy wool knitted bits that I have a habit of knitting and putting aside thinking one day I will unite all the pieces and have enough for a blanket, or to yarn bomb a tree. This is a recurring theme with my craft projects.


I collected some scrappy wool samples and the ghost shade and got to stitching. It pretty much made itself. Now this shade would have been off a tall floor standing lamp originally and maybe one day, if I find the right stand, it will be again. But for now it is destined for the hallway over the roof light to add just a bit of cheekiness in an otherwise bland white box.


Let me know what you think?

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