A cold winters day calls for warm cookies and refashioned mini merinos

It’s cold. It’s Winter. Last weekend the fam and I had a lazy day at home. Hubby baked some delicious flourless peanut butter and choc chip cookies – following directions I had found and tested a few weeks ago from pinterest.

The recipe is super easy with only a few simple ingredients. The only change we make is to fold in choc chips at the end of mixing…… Oh and we used Peanut butter with chia seed, and the only salt we have is organic sea salt with kelp…… ugh – yes we are those guys…. But you don’t need any of that ridculous stuff, just use reg peanut butter (crunchy would be AMAZING) and normal salt and it will be as delish and simple. Here’s the link if your interested. They are crazy good…..!!

As for me, I made some merino wool toddler clothes for the little mischief from some of my old fine blend merino wool tops. After a quick check and clean out of my closet I found quite a few of my tops had developed little moth holes that couldn’t be mended. Horrid little moths.. Anyway, merino wool is lightweight, soft, warm, temperature regulating and just lovely! It would be a shame to waste it because of a couple of small holes. So I repurposed them and made some Toddler warmies (mini tops and pants mostly). Winter wooly warmies for toddlers are crazy expensive, don’t get me started…. ok, just a little rant……

It’s cheaper to buy an adults merino top than one pair of tiny toddlers pants. But as incredibly expensive as they are,  we’ve found them to be essential for the tiny humans winter comfort. So rather than the fam go bankrupt and hungry over the half size humans clothing bill – it is just easier to make them… I have a penchant for natural materials in my own attire, some might think I have expensive tastes, my style is a little avantgarde, definitely unique designer lines, I like warmth of wool, softness of silk, light and luxurious linens, snuggly fresh scent of laundered cotton and forgiveness of leather…… But let me stop you right there – the bank is not broken, I don’t have – and have never had a credit card – I have not won the lotto, or have an all day, every day, slush fund!!!  I have not robbed any banks, or catfished anyones inheritance to my keep wardrobe stocked with the textiles of the elite and fashionable. No, no, no….90-99% of my wardrobe is ‘op-shopped’. I have honed my skills to identify natural materials and designer cuts, classic lines, and quality within minutes of entering a store, and what I get tends to be a mixture of factory seconds (new), new with tags,  secondhand, thirdhand+++ guaranteed cheap on price, but not in quality!! When I am ready to rotate out garments they just move into their next life and are resold, or stashed to become something else. If you think about it, it’s like my wardrobe is mini recycling plant. It’s also self sustaining as the money I get from resale is reinvested making my wardrobe near enough cost-neutral.   This weekend some of the ‘stashed’ became the new garments for the knee high person (aka the topic of this post)…. Which was not only creatively satisfying but saved a ton of money and will keep the little one warm and cozy. ANOTHER WIN FOR THE WARDROBE SYSTEM! I am so passionate about this system I might write a post about it (one day)!

Oh right, wow back on point – winter warmies…..

The first pair of pants I made were these purple and grey stripe with a blue bobble trim. As you can see little mischief is delighted with them, she even made up a ‘bobble bobble’ song as she ran about the house in a crazy fashion.

Action shot

I also made her a hi-lo top. She’s zombied out on PEPPPA PIG in these pics.

Next pair were a pair of pint size Harem pants in orange and grey merino. To show her appreciation I got a song, a dance, a handstand…….. so far so good, she likes them at least. I also whipped up a little hooded cotton shirt, MODEL POSE with a ‘ooooooh preeetTT-ieee’. WINNING.

Another couple of pants later… I was a bit bored and needed a challenge. So I drafted up a pattern for a nice little wool coat. I had some scrap grey blanket wool left over from my last round of sloths and a pink and grey houndstooth skirt I bought to hack up into a poncho for my thimble sized child. I have since discovered poncho’s are the worst type of garment for an active 2 year old. Don’t get me wrong they look super cute and stylish for completing any mini human winter outfit…… but sooooo impractical.

The two seconds that they stand still – after the 5 minute battle to get it on them – is cutest without a doubt. If only they would stay civilised for just a little bit longer it might’ve been a winner……

In reality it all goes down hill VERY FAST, they can’t work out why on earth there are no arm holes in it, anxiety starts to build, the little face contorts as the little arms struggle, flayling desperately to escape this torturous knitted cell, thirty seconds later an arm shoots out of the neck opening, head twisted at a painful angle to accommodate this frantic tearing, thrashing limb. They other arm is trapped, there is SHEER PANIC, screaming, REAL tears, mild choking and hyperventilating whilst enacting some type of  horizontal running man caterpillar wiggle circuit on the floor…. and when the initial panic and fear settles there are the big sad eyes that seem to say…  ‘Why would you do this to me mummy, WHY?’

Lil Miss has a beautiful knitted wool poncho in a natural pure wool, neutral colour, a very versatile design, very warm. I’D WEAR IT IF IT WERE IN MY SIZE…. BUT with her IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, no matter how many times we try. Each time I calmly explain ‘your hands can pop out the bottom here at the hemline, see, *POP* -easy-peasy’ – but instead she turns animalistic, 100% ferral survival mode and it’s death to the poncho……. ugh. So I guess no poncho’s then…. ever.

Luckily, I did a pattern drafting night course a few years ago and it was the best investment I have made! So with a little lateral thinking, straight edge and pencil – I can draft patterns and she wont go cold and naked. Here is her majesty’s coat in progress. It has flared caps on the sleeves, contrasting cuffs, pockets and collar. It is flared from the waist and has oversized buttons covered in the houndstooth and same fuschia coloured button holes. The coat in fully lined in a blue grey pinstripe satin and faced with grey wool.

Here is the coat in the beginning stages…….

And here is the final garment… modelled by a crabby baby who doesn’t want photos right now and needs me to move as Peppa Pig on TV is more important.

Exhausting, but done and she can wear it for at least another size, maybe two if she’s lucky.