Refashion boredom buster

Hi Everyone,

It’s a rare and special moment when I get time to myself these days, and today was one of those days. A little bored, I ate, I picked up around the house, watched some telly, picked up around the house some more…. a job that is NEVER done. Then started on my wardrobe choices for the week. I have no time in the morning for any type of morning routine. So clothes, shoes, handbag all need to be order for a grab and go situation, I have an on the go coffee brewer that doubles as a mug, and makeup gets unceremoniously thrown towards my face as I sit in the morning traffic jam. that’s my life..So, today, being ultra productive I made up at least two weeks of choices and sorted some clothes to get rid of.

Then I had a brain itch.

I saw this picture on pinterest a little while back and thought, yes, should be a quick mash-up, let’s do it!

It was super easy, I just hacked the top off an old mens shirt I had and I made the cowl neck out of a heavy grey wool blanket. Here you can view the process backwards.

It turned out really close, but it’s not nearly as comfortable or easy to wear as the model makes it appear. It is sooo big and takes a bit of skill to keep it sitting where it is supposed to sit. I need to commit and just suffer it for a day, I am sure I will work it out.
Not content with that project, I embarked immediately onto another. I had a pair or waxed cotton black skinny jeans, far too small for me to ever squeeze into. So, I chopped them up and knitted a large rectangle in moss stitch.

53 sticthes across and as long as two balls of wool would allow… and used the legs of the jeans to line the back of knitting and the button and zip down the short side as a 1/2 side closure.

This was a winner! I just wish winter would stop mucking around and actually arrive. It is super snug and takes no effort to wear.

Excuse the messy hair, no makeup, no filter situation. I’m on holiday………. and I don’t care. Haha

Yay, job done!