Stitch + stuff = Yeti?

We are still on holiday break, and if you are as well – I hope your having a great break. I was a bit bored today so I designed a Yeti pattern (bubs is away at her nanas for the weekend) and it was the thing to do as a boredom buster. Anyway, tell me  who doesn’t need a Yeti in their life?

It’s a prototype for a future vision. The Yeti is made out of an old wool blanket, felt, wool finger-woven fringe and some stuffing.

 I did away with the little beard for a full face fringe that I had to hand weave as I didn’t have any fringing available to hand.
And here he is………

I think he needs a few minor tweaks as I think he looks great but a bit like a little white lion. So I will have to think on what to do. It was a great little time waster though.


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