Todays random project……

Today I am repairing a 1979 pop up book. Why? Because they don’t make books like this anymore – they made this in the day  when there were jobs called ‘Paper Engineers’. That and we love that our little one jumps back in fright at all the things that spring out of each page. It is a book that is actually older than me.
I have been on the hunt for a good pop up book for ages now, book fairs, thrift shops, book stores……… and turned up nada.

I picked this haunted house one up from a thrift store yesterday for $2 after opening a page and seeing my child dart backwards and hide behind the nearest obstacle in fright, that slowly turned to the craziest moments of delight with ooohs and aaaahhs! I’d forgotten how cool pop up books are, especially for the wee ones. This one is a little dark being a haunted house but it’s still really amazing and our wee one loves it.

The book overall is in pretty good condition, no missing bits. It does have a few tear aways and jammed mechanisms that do need attention. The great thing about these books is that the inner workings are so easy to get to and often very simple to fix.

This book is fantastic fun, it has the pop out pieces, pull tabs, turn wheels, lift flaps, eyes that follow you and scary spiders dangling from string web.

Luckily we have a very gentle, inquisitive child who is very careful with her things. And thinks her new pop up haunted house book is the best.
The fixes were very simple to do as each of the pages is open at the top.

The following page had the bathtub torn from the centre point and it was repaired by a bit of tape placed strategic between the inner pages under the mechanisms.

This page had a similar issue except the whole central piece had come away in several places and was fixed with concealed double-sided tape under the tabs.

On this page the whole mechanism for the bed ghost had shifted and split away making it hard to open and close, fixed with a few bits tape on inner sleeve of the pages.

All done, a fab little Halloween book.

Speaking of pop up books – here is an amazing one with transformers for the boys!

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