Steamy cup of incense to brighten a dull day

Quick diy post. I was just cleaning out some stuff and came across a tea cup and saucer that are not a set and have no friends. I still quite like them both and they look good together so instead of throwing them out I’ve used them to scent my decor. You could put the incense straight in the cup but it will discolour it, but so does tea stains, am I right?

I had a 60/70’s brass incense holder that I am sure I had appropriated from my mum at some point over the years…….. Mum, I have your incense holder – FYI.

The incense holder does not fit with our decor and so I just seated it in the cup and it’s now it’s perfect. Super simple, honestly it didn’t even need a post but sometimes it’s good to be reminded that often simple is best.  Hope this inspires you to do something today even if it takes next to no effort at all…… now back to my cleaning..