a couple of steps forward and ten metres fall back…..

Hi, I say this with a big heavy sigh.

Why the sigh? Let me explain, I feel unbalanced in my work and home life, and ME life. All work, work, work and running about after kiddo and hubby seems to be my depressing life right now and has been for some time. I don’t know how to reverse it. I don’t know how to go about claiming some me time back. I am writing this in desperation that one of you may have some advice!!!


All the inventive ideas and creativity is abundant and overflowing in my mind but when I am GIVEN some breathing space – I am either too exhausted to carry anything to fruition, or most often don’t even bother starting a project if I can’t visualise the completion in a timely way (I cannot have a million unfinished projects hanging about the place creating clutter – just one unfinished project drives me batty). Hence why I haven’t posted anything in a long, long time. It’s not that I have forgotten, I have just fallen off the path and am trying to find my way back.

Speaking of unfinished projects – what has happened with the bunny lamp you ask? Well, kiddo smashed it accidentally not long after it had dried, so the bunny is now missing its ears and needs repairing………….. ugh, it’s the previously mentioned ONE unfinished project – cue the BATS . giphy



What about the LED seed light I made to light the night in style, how is that going? Well thanks for asking – it is still glorious although doesn’t get used all that often and I recently found solar LED seed lights almost identical to the one I made (the only difference were they were plastic and the shape was slightly different) for $5 each at a clearance store and I could hang them in the garden…. so uh, what the shit?… a big fabulous sarcastic ‘whatever’ universe – just whatever……………..




Also, awhile back I posted a mystery post with a ‘watch this space’ included…….. Well the space is now most notably the place where ideas go to die hibernate – cobwebbed, mostly abandoned, with the exception of the odd tumbleweeds. A fricken sea of tumbleweeds as deep as the Mariana trench…..


A tumbleweed sea like this………………..



As deep as the Mariana Trench……………….. True story.


Don’t say my posts are not educational, even if they are about nothing…

I am hoping the (very short) break over the Christmas/New Year holiday will give me an a small window of opportunity to unburden myself with some of this pent up creativity………. please let it be so. AND THAT’S WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS SANTA!! Lets start afresh again in 2017.


On the plus side my birthday came and went and I brought a pair of Sperry Top Sider Saltwater Duck Boots since I had to experience what all the fuss was about. AMERICA you were on point with the TOMS I have lived years of my life in TOMS!! and I am 100% a sucker for casual comfy slightly odd footwear!! (Disclaimer: I will never wear CROCS). I had the boots shipped from the US to the ass end of the world in NZ (I LIVE THERE!!) where I am sure it WILL NEVER EVER ever get cold enough to justify a pair of boots like these…



They arrived last week and it’s SUMMER in this country we are in the midst of heat waves during the day, cool turbulent nights, 90-100% humidity, earthquakes, strange geothermal activity, and just the normal tropical rubbish that goes along with that type of weather – oh and weird warm rain – which is much needed as someone needs to water the garden and it’s also a welcome relief to the rollercoaster weather………… and guess what I’m doing? Wearing my boots -that’s right, and don’t worry I have got my earth friendly ‘full circle day tripper glass 19oz’ thumb indented water bottle (also a birthday present – to myself) handy in the case I die of heat exhaustion, or dehydration, although both scenarios are very unlikely  I should really put some water in it just in case. Oh and the comfort factor of these boots is next level…. I couldn’t be more comfortable unless I were wearing my PJ’s. They get my tick of approval. Thanks again and good job done America!



Unlike previous years, where I’ve shared with you tales from my bountiful summer vegetable garden of deliciousness, or DIY xmas gift projects…. This year I have nothing except my well wishes and I hope you all have a great end to this year and begin the new year with vigour!



















6 thoughts on “a couple of steps forward and ten metres fall back…..

  1. Hi – Funnily enough I had the thought I wondered what happened to the peppermia blog?? Life happened!! It is very hard when children are very young, constantly exhausted, a long list of things to do plus needing eyes in the back of your head! So pleased to see lots of new blogs posts, that you have had some Me time over the holidays. My only suggestions is to have projects that are kinder to yourself, ones you can pick up and put down in ten minutes. This allows some creativity amidst a very busy period. It does get easier.


    • Thanks Vicky, haha yes life happened. I think you are right I need to stop rushing to the goal line and get used to breaking my projects down into manageable chunks. I will have to give it a try. 🙂


  2. Just this morning I was thinking through another *awesome in my mind* project only to be smacked in the face with the reality of being in the service of others: husband, children, care and feeding of self, and getting to work on time. We suffer from SAIDS, Sudden Awesome Idea Death Syndrome. Here is my thought, “What do you want and what and what are you going to give up to get what you want finished?” Let me know, I’ve been meaning to update my portfolio for 10 years now.

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  3. Hello there Peppermia, your post coincides with a thought I was having about how mothers (also fathers, but more mothers, to be fair) manage to juggle everything, that once they come home from work and are tired, more work is awaiting, while it is finally that time in the day they can enjoy time with their children… time which must sometimes be demanding as much as it is rewarding…

    Of course I cannot help you with how to proceed to allow yourself more time, as I am not in this situation myself (hence the above thought), but I did indeed hear it was important a mother could say so to her family, take some time to herself, that in turn she was a better wife and mother for it. I am sure it takes a lot of persuasion and strength of character to stay firm and effectively withdraw oneself from the pressures of the beloved family, not only express the desire of it.

    What can you do? Can you wake up earlier (I don’t mean no disrespect! I have a friend who does that); or work out a rota with your husband, if he feels in need of the same? Depending how much time you need/want to work on your projects, could you work out say for example one Sunday afternoon out of three entirely dedicated to yourself, while your husband takes care of your little one? You would reciprocate the next weekend, let’s say, and the third weekend would be spent together?

    In all cases, I hope you find a solution and lots of peace from it. You are very talented and have a beautiful family.
    Best, lots of love,
    Cha x


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