1st class only cigar box

My latest treat to myself was a small brass box, an unassuming little piece until you read the small copper seal on the top.

This little object was from one of the SS Nieuw Amsterdam cruise liners, the first was built in 1905 and was decommissioned in 1932 and the second ship of the same name, was built 1937 and decommissioned in 1973 and was nicknamed the ‘Darling of the Dutch’.

This object most likely belonged to the second ship, due to the style and first class status. SS Nieuw Amsterdam (II) was an elegant 36,000 gross ton luxury steam ship built in 1937 entirely fitted in the art deco style of the time.

This special little box is a cigar/cigarette box that may have adorned a table in the famous smoking room, or in one of the first class lodgings. Maybe even in the theatre, a very rare commodity of a ship of this time.

The box is brass with a stamped copper seal and a wooden lining. It has a very tactile quality about it with its rounded corners and slightly shaped top. The workmanship is very fine with no seams detectable and a good solid tight hinge. The top fits the base perfectly and the wood lining is in beautiful condition. Not bad for an old little brass box. The seal makes the box and displays it’s origins proudly. It’s a lovely little piece of history.

The ship itself had an interesting life, a short stint helping the war effort transporting British troops. A full face lift post war service and a very successful career even after aviation became the preferred mode of travel.