Super quick chic night light.

Here’s a little quick and easy night-light project. No electrician required.

Our poppet is a little quarter size person now, and she needed a nightlight.

But not just any old night light depicting a cartoon or teddy she may like now but will most certainly grow out of quickly. She needs a night light that will do its job and not date in a hurry. Something flashy and chic that mummy can repurpose elsewhere if needed.

Ironically I used a lightbulb shaped vase to make this light, 5metres of led seed light wire and 150 weight copper wire.

It’s fair to say I had different ideas when I started this project and it kinda made itself. I’m happy with it though and our pocket sized rocket will love it too. She isĀ fascinated with everything, especially pretty things… Obviously gets that from me.

So I started this project trying to make a stand to hold the lightbulb in an inverted position but the thickest gauge of copper was not strong enough. So rather than waste pieces, I forced enough thick gauge wire into the bulb vase to form a nest to support the seed wire inside the bulb. This was necessary as the seed wire is so fine when I pushed into the bulb without the thick gauge it had not structure and just looped itself at the top of the bulb vase and the bulb had no way of supporting itself.

After enough of the thick gauge wire was in the bulb I curled the remaining and then threaded the led seed wire down the centre into the bulb…. And switched it on.

Easy pretty little project.

Let me know what you think?

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